So I have a new hobby.

I was waiting to write this post because I wasn’t sure whether the hobby was going to stick or whether I’d be able to grasp it properly.

I don’t even remember where I’d heard of it before but just as I was browsing through my Facebook feed, a friend of mine said how they’d have just got their first Magic pack.

With Christmas coming up and with money to spend I thought this might something fun to check out for myself. So I went onto amazon and had a look at what there was to buy. I didn’t have a clue what any of the different packs meant so I just tried to find something that wasn’t too costly but had the best reviews. I decided on the Deck Builders kit 2014, thinking with 285 that I’d probably never need any more. I didn’t know how to play but I thought the best first step would be getting cards.


Well they arrived and they were beautiful but I still didn’t have a clue what to do with them. I hoped there would be instructions but they weren’t very clear on how on earth to start as a beginner. It kept talking about building a deck and I didn’t know what on earth that meant. So I started my research online and couldn’t find anyone explaining it without using Magic jargon. I was worried that I’d wasted my money and wouldn’t be able to play but then Jordan wanted to have a look at my cards.


He seemed interesting in finding out how to play so we decided to figure it out together.

We ended up playing a few games against each other (probably completely wrong) but we managed the get the basics down and figure out how to build a deck.

Just after Christmas we decided to go into town to spend some Christmas money and remembered the comic book shop hidden away at the bottom of the highstreet. I’m a fan of comics and film/tv merchandise so I said I wanted to go. I got a few comics and a graphic novel I wanted.


Then we spotted the Magic cards by the counter. Jordan decided to get his own full deck and we asked the cashier whether there was any kind of rule book. He said there wasn’t because there’s so much to it but we could find information of their official site and that every Friday they held games of Magic and that we should go along, he then pulled out a box full of half decks of cards and told us to take one each (I was a bit too excited about free cards).

It’s late January and I have 300 plus cards and Jordan’s black deck is incredibly hard to beat. When Jordan comes back from work, he’s tired and doesn’t have to concentration to watch a whole movie or sit in front of the TV so we’ve needed to find something to do together in the evenings that was fun, non-repetitive and wouldn’t get boring quickly. So, now we play Magic. Every evening, we build new decks together, play different colours versus new decks and we just spend time together.


Whether we ever go into tournaments, it doesn’t matter because every single game is different that we can play each other forever and it won’t happen the same. It’s interesting and new every time.

I’m happy I decided to buy that first box and I’m sure there will be many more. I’m never very good at losing (being an old child and all that) but I reckon I haven’t been too bad of a loser in comparison to other games because with Magic, you make the game how you want, it’s not someone else’s game that you’re playing, it’s your game and so you can change the tactics, it isn’t all about luck of the dice roll and so I have more control to win next time.


We are that young married couple who spend their romantic evenings in playing magic. And plus, people whose lives revolve around things that would be classed as “nerdy” are usually the nicest people you’ll meet. When we went to Magic, Jordan went into the tournament to see what would happen and the first person he played was an extremely experienced player who goes to international tournament, he knew Jordan was a beginner and so he helped him throughout (obviously without trying to make him win) and made it a fair game. He explained each rule and each card and didn’t even act as if he was better. Jordan actually got him down to one point and he hadn’t even noticed. Just goes to show what a little bit of humility can do for you.The best kind of hobby is one that gives you community, the kind of hobby that brings you closer to people you always share a relationship with.


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