A tidy home.

I change my blog’s look often. I change it depending on how I’m feeling and I’m really enjoying this design. It’s more personal and I think it actually looks like a blog compared to past layouts. It’s open and organised and I’d like to think that comes along with some changes I’ve been making. 

I’m not a very tidy person. I’m happy to leave things and say I’ll do it tomorrow, always resulting in weeks and weeks of piled up mess then getting upset that the house is a state. 

After an argument and lots of crying at how about how I can’t bear the mess anymore, I forced myself to start tidying. Not once a week but immediately after it’s made. I’ve found that the load ends up being tiny, instead of one large task, I have a few smalls one a day and for once I’m actually busy in my day. I have more to do and it’s something that’s actually worthwhile. They say your home says something about how you feel about yourself. And it is hard when I feel rough but then having mess around me only makes me feel worse. I’ve found that my mood has been higher living in a more tidy home and I feel better about myself that I’m keeping a cleaner home too.

If only our place had more storage! That’s my one adversary, too much stuff for too little space and I’m always selling and throwing things away. I guess that’s just something to be put up with until one day we have a more spacious home.All I know is that I can surprise myself. I’ve never lasted this long with cleaning up, after a week I usually give up and everything goes back to “normal” but for some reason I’ve kept it up. Maybe I’m finding more reason to feel better. 


2 thoughts on “A tidy home.

  1. Reading this post, I felt as if you were describing me. I hate the mess, but when I’m not feeling well emotionally, I become a very messy person which makes me feel worse.

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