Dreams do come true

Okay maybe that’s a little melodramatic of a title but I’m finally going to Comic-Con and I’m incredibly excited. I’ve wanted to go since I found out about it’s existence but never really had the money or people to go with. But this year, it’s happening! I may have also cried a little bit when my friend offered to take me and as an experienced comic-con goer It’ll be a tailored experience based on their likes and knowledge of my likes. 

Not forgetting the best part…Cosplay!

While I did cosplay Chell for EuroGamer 2 years ago, there weren’t many other cosplayers and I felt a little silly and out of place, but this year, I’ll be one of hundreds and I can just feel the excitement as I think about it. So, I have decided that for my first proper cosplay I am going to be Princess Bubblegum from Adventure time! Pink, sparkles, girly, fun, and here’s what it’s going to look like:

princess bubblegum collage

With a homemade crown and added purple details, I’m hoping it’s going to be everything I’d hoped it would be. And a day I’ll remember forever. Roll on October!


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