The Walking Dead Season 5! (There will be spoilers)

I was really excited for the return of The Walking Dead and my expectations were met and over taken. The episode started off brutal with no slow ease into the new season which was perfection. For such a show, the shock was a true representation of the situation faced. The dead are walking the earth and the world is in utter chaos. So what better way to start a new season than with fierce horror and savagery.

Of course it isn’t all about that. The Walking dead is about survival and the people who have come to rely on each other for that survival. The relationships are intense and conflicting, no one can fully trust but they have no choice. The love is strong and the only thing keeping most of the people sane (or at least as sane as can be).

I can’t deny my favourite moment was Carol’s return if not just for Daryl’s reaction. He’s always played the tough guy but was the first one to break down upon seeing Carol. While there has always been romantic connotations, the fact that there was no kiss made me happier with the reunion. It shows a deep relationship and dependence that doesn’t need to be romantic to be important.


My second favourite moment though was undeniably when a walker had a man’s face for dinner, the effects were beautiful 80’s “The Evil Dead”-esque and really made it for me. It’s great to see some of the best effects and blood work still being used. I’d say the first episode of season 5 has definitely been one of the best of the show so far but now Terminus has been left behind so quickly I’m not so sure what else they can pull out of the bag, especially with such a strong start. Either way I’m excited to see how things develop and hope it carries on how it has begun.


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