October London MCM Expo Comic-Con 2014

So, it happened. I finally went to Comic-con! The weeks leading up to it were very odd, I’d be doing something mundane and remember I was going to con and just start squealing. Luckily this was mostly at work and they’re uses to my outbursts over nerdy books coming into the shop so they just assume that’s why I’m making weird noises.

And of course, the best part was that I got to go with my newest and officially agreed upon best friend (friendship bracelets and in jokes going on and everything). So for a week at Oxfam our co-workers had to put up with of glee and arm flailing, or at least more than usual.

So, Friday morning and I’m lugging a suitcase of cosplay stuff for Saturday to my friend’s house, I arrive and I put my suitcase away and there’s a silence before I quietly say “we’re going to comic-con” and he says “yes, yes we are.” More silence. Then the giggling and “eeeee”-ing starts (from me that is, he just laughs at me making noises).

Fast forward an hour and it’s time to go. I’m still asking if this is really happening because 3 months ago when this person I’d just met said they’d be happy for me to join them in going to con I didn’t think it’d really happen. Once we get into London, we start seeing cosplayers and I’m already going “ooohh look!” and being in awe of other humans who love the things I do. We finally get there and it’s time to queue for our wristbands, infront of me is a guy with a Geodude head and a sign saying “A wild geodude appeared” and that’s it, happiness and excitement galore. I’m in nerd heaven and it’s perfect. Maid deadpool, a dead raccoon furry and a guy in an Iron Man suit walk past me and damn, it’s awesome.

We finally get our wristbands and the gasping starts as I try and go every single direction at once. Peter calmly tries to suggest which places we should go to first and I’m just jumping around nodding. That’s when I spot…the alpacas. The giant fluffy brightly coloured alpacas, hundreds of them, everywhere and I’m shouting “eeeee, oh my god, look at them!! Look, that one’s a pirate, eeee oh my god, that one has a hat!” and at this point, it’s all I can see. Until I noticed something else…

Some of these people are wearing Pikachu hats. “PETER, WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE GETTING PIKACHU HATS?! I NEED ONE, WE MUST FIND THEM.” “Probably the Pokemon stand…” “I need one. Now. Right now.”


I got my hat. AND free Pokemon cards then 2 giant Pikachus appear and I’m gasping and squealing again. (This is the day I lost my voice).


It took me a while to make myself get the picture but I knew if I didn’t I would regret it and so anxiety was beaten by Pikachu that day. After that, things calmed a bit, we got some frozen yoghurt and had a relax after all the excitement. The rest of the day was spent seeking out retro games (for him) and my little pony everything (for me) safe to say both of those tasks were fulfilling and produced great results. We stayed until closing and had a nice night wander through London to cool off from the heat of the con and everything was right in the world.


Saturday was a completely different experiences, the amount of people and especially the amount of cosplayers was at least double. And I was Princess Bubblegum from Adventure time! I started off nervous about asking people if I could have pictures with them but after a while I got into the swing of asking Finn’s and Fionna’s for a picture. I even had people come up to me and say “Princess Bubblegum, can I have a picture?” which was really crazy.

We decided to use Saturday to explore the artist area and while there were so many people, I really loved the work and found some beautiful pieces that I loved so much to buy. We stopped half way and has an amazing Japanese lunch of Pumpkin Karroke and noodles.


It was nice that we both have different tastes in art so it meant I stopped to look at stalls I might not usually look at on my own and vice versa. Oh and Peter got drawn as a Sloth.


We finished looking at all the artists stalls and took a breather outside to chill out and look at the amazing cosplayers did one last round of the con for any last purchases and then ventured back out to take pictures of the most amazing cosplayers we could find. Overall, it was an amazing experience and it definitely won’t be the last. Oh, and I got my Alpaca 😀 😀

ipp    eeevee    groupfinn   DSC_0318DSC_0306DSC_0325 zhtyhyripp DSC_0275  DSC_0235

DSC_0340ipp   DSC_0294



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